Arizona Equine Podiatry Center

Arizona Equine Podiatry Center

Arizona Equine Medical & Surgical Centre is pleased to announce the addition of EDDIE PALACIOS, CJF an American Farrier Association Certified Journeyman Farrier to our staff and the opening of the newly developed and Arizona’s first EQUINE PODIATRY CENTER. The EQUINE PODIATRY CENTER facilitates on-site collaboration between an experienced highly skilled Certified Journeyman Farrier and the equine clinician responsible for the care of the horse. The EQUINE PODIATRY CENTER represents significant expansion of the services provided at Arizona Equine and is geared toward the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal problems encountered by horses of any discipline, breed, or age. You may collaborate directly with our Certified Journeyman Farrier to develop a shoeing plan for your clients’ horse or you can refer your clients’ horse to our team of veterinarians experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of the full range of problems encountered in Equine Sports Medicine. The EQUINE PODIATRY CENTER combines the capability for advanced medical diagnostic evaluation (lameness evaluation, digital radiography, ultrasonography, nuclear scintigraphy, and when needed MRI) with the art and science of farriery using custom hand-made shoes or pre-fabricated shoes in conjunction with modern materials and techniques designed specifically for your client’s horse.

Correct shoeing for balance and performance

“No Foot No Horse”

QUALIFICATIONS – Eddie is a graduate of Sierra South Horseshoeing School and is an American Farriers Association Certified Journeyman Farrier with over 12 years of farrier experience. Eddie adheres to sound principals of shoeing using custom made or prefabricated therapeutic shoes coupled with his expertise in working with new and modern shoeing materials.

AFFILIATIONS –Eddie is strongly committed to the enhancement of foot care for horses and has been active in farrier associations at both the local and national level. He currently serves as an American Farriers Association Tester. Eddie volunteered as an instructor teaching basic foot care to members of the San Bernardino Police Department & San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department Mounted Enforcement Unit. Eddie has been a strong advocate for development of healthy veterinarian/farrier collaboration in his shoeing business and though participation in AAEP/AFA joint case discussions with veterinary students at Western University College of Veterinary Medicine. He also was an instructor at Sierra South Horseshoeing School and precepted apprentice farriers. He continues to enjoy exchanging knowledge and expertise with other farriers and students of the equine foot.

It is our goal that the EQUINE PODIATRY CENTER will serve as a valuable resource to optimize equine foot care for our clients, referring veterinarians and their clients, veterinarians working directly with our farrier and for local farriers tackling difficult cases day in and day out.

For appointments or consultations, feel free to call Eddie directly, the staff veterinarians at Arizona Equine, or the main Arizona Equine office number.