Digital Radiography

Equine Digital Radiography

Arizona Equine has the latest digital radiography tools. This technology is incredible and allows our veterinarians to take extremely detailed radiographs (x-rays). We have two systems available: a portable digital radiography system that allows us to take radiographs in the field and obtain instantaneous results; and a computed radiography system that we use both in the field and in the hospital.

Both systems have multiple advantages including: more rapid image viewing, elimination of chemicals required for processing, the ability to email high detail images, a higher level of image quality with enhancement of soft tissue structures and bone detail, and the ability to store and retrieve images easily. We obtain the images in a similar way as normal radiographs with cassettes and an x-ray source. The actual processing and viewing of the image is much different than the old “film-based” systems.

With the digital radiography system, a wireless cassette is tethered to a computer and the image shows up on the screen almost immediately after the radiograph is taken. After image optimization, the file is saved on the computer. We can email links to you that you can use to save the x-rays on your computer, or that you can forward to others to view or save.

With the computed radiography system, the cassette is processed in a developer. Once the image is removed from the cassette it is displayed on a computer screen for evaluation, storage, and emailing.

We manipulate the images in both systems in order to better visualize the areas of interest. We are able to change the contrast and brightness with a click of the mouse to obtain an optimal radiograph. Being able to adjust these setting allows us to detect subtle fractures and changes in bone density.

We archive all of our radiographs with an off-site service, ensuring that we will always have them available for viewing. As stated above, we can email you a link to the images to allow you to look at the images at your leisure, download them onto your computer, or forward the link to one or more people for their use.

The result is that we are able to provide the best radiographs available for our clients, which ensures accurate diagnoses.