Internal Medicine

Equine Internal Medicine

Arizona Equine provides numerous internal medicine services. Dr. Ed Voss is a partner at Arizona Equine, and is also a board certified internal medicine specialist. Dr. Voss completed his three-year residency in internal medicine at the University of California at Davis.

What is equine internal medicine? It is that part of equine veterinary practice that diagnoses and treats problems of a non-surgical nature. All equine veterinarians practice internal medicine during some part of their daily work, but they are not specialists in the field. Some veterinarians, like Dr. Voss, have spent 3-4 years after veterinary school in advanced training programs to learn the intricacies of equine internal medicine.

Dr. Voss diagnoses and treats respiratory problems, neurologic conditions, neonatal foal problems, skin conditions, and ophthalmic problems, among other problems. Dr. Voss accepts referrals from veterinarians’ statewide, as well as from surrounding states.