Internal Medicine

Equine Internal Medicine

Arizona Equine provides numerous internal medicine services. Drs. Tresha Robinson, Rick Howard, and Scott Taylor are partners at Arizona Equine and have over 50 years clinical experience managing difficult medical cases.

What is equine internal medicine? It is that part of equine practice that diagnoses and treats problems of a non-surgical nature. It includes conditions of the following systems of the horse: Respiratory, neurological, dermatology, ophthalmic, neonatal (foal medicine), renal (kidney), gastrointestinal, and others. We accept referrals from veterinarians within both Arizona and surrounding states.

There are some internal medicine cases that require the attention of someone specifically trained in that field to optimally diagnose and treat the patient. Arizona Equine consults with a number of specialized veterinarians for cases in which it is needed. We consult with Dr. Ashley Alward, DVM, DACVIM (from Southwest Equine) for general equine internal medicine cases, with Dr. Tom Lewis (from Dermatology for Animals) for difficult skin problems, and with the Eye Clinic for animals for difficult ophthalmologic problems.

Rest assured that your horse will receive the best care possible at Arizona Equine!

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