Regenerative Medicine

Equine Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine is a very exciting field and the Arizona Equine doctors are pleased to offer several forms of regenerative therapeutics for your horse. The goal of regenerative therapy is to aid healing by providing cells and growth factors that help repair damaged tissue. These cells and growth factors do several things: 1) they help rebuild the damaged scaffold of which tendons and ligaments are made, 2) they reduce inflammation in joints and soft tissues that can make the injury worse, and 3) they recruit cells from your horse’s own blood and tissues to repair the injured tissue. As part of our regenerative medicine treatments, we provide the owner with a detailed rehabilitation program that is uniquely designed for your horse and its specific injury.

Medical procedure

Figure 1 – PRP after being spun down (left); Injection of PRP into a horse’s injured tendon (right).

Medical procedure

Figure 2 – Collection of bone marrow stem cells (left); Microscopic image of bone marrow stem cells (right).