Freeze Your Stallion at Arizona Equine

Dr. Leith attended an advanced program at Colorado State University and is ready to help you freeze your stallion’s semen!

The stallion’s semen is frozen using different semen-freezing techniques in order to determine the optimal method of freezing semen for each individual stallion. Aliquots of the semen frozen during the test freeze are thawed and evaluated for their response to the freezing procedure. The stallion’s semen is packaged in 0.5-ml straws, with 8 straws (800 million sperm cells) representing one insemination dose. Although there is tremendous variability between stallions, a typical ejaculate from a stallion will provide approximately 8 insemination doses (approximately 64 straws).

Once the optimal freezing protocol is identified, subsequent ejaculates from the stallion are frozen using the optimal procedure. Once the semen is frozen, it can be stored at the Arizona Equine Medical and Surgical Centre indefinitely or it can be transported to another appropriate storage facility. Contact us today to begin the process!

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (9/23/2015) Thomas Izko (Flickr)

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