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Patient Testimonials

Testimonial for Dr. Scott Taylor by Ron Walker

June 6, 2013

I purchased a five year old mare, Miss Royal Wood, at the Hershberger Sale in early March of this year. She is a beautiful bay mare bred to be a cutting horse. After riding and roping on her for a few days, she started bleeding between her legs next to her udder. I called my local mobile vet who examined her and prescribed antibiotics for two weeks. I quit using her and went through the twice daily antibiotic routine. There was no improvement so the vet examined her again and said that the problem was too internal for him to do anything further.

I then called Dr. Scott Taylor upon the recommendation of Henry Brown who had two of his world champion race mares operated on by Dr. Taylor. After explaining the problem to him, he offered to see her the next morning. After his examination, he called to say the problem was serious as her uterus was attached to the body wall.

Dr.Taylor had not seen this situation before but performed surgery on the mare, separating the attachment. After three weeks of recovery, the mare still exhibited drainage so I called my local vet to examiner her. In talking with him and Dr. Taylor, we agreed that she apparently could not recover and would probably not survive further surgery. I faced having to put down this otherwise healthy animal.

Though Dr.Taylor’s opinion was that the problem was too deep to correct surgically, he offered to operate again at his expense to try to save the mare. Dr. Taylor said “I might learn something new to save a horse in the future if unable to saver her.” Dr. Taylor operated on the mare the next morning and called later with great news. He found and removed a 5 1/2'” by 1 ½” sharp wood stick deeply imbedded internally. His entire staff witnessed this amazing operation and we were all elated with his success. Three weeks later, the mare is eating and moving normally with no bleeding or other drainage. This doctor is a very special and talented veterinarian. He went way beyond normal practice because he cares about animals. He is a tribute to his profession.

Ronald J. Walker.

"Excellent, Excellent, Excellent......this is how I describe my recent experience at AZ Equine. Bella (8 year old paint mare), had a persistent sarcoid on her leg that needed to be removed. I am sure many of you feel the same way I did.......sending your cherished horse off to surgery can be very traumatic (for the owner too:)) and I was very hesitant, although I know it needed to be done. Arriving at AZ Equine, my concerns immediately began to disappear. Dr. Howard and all of the Equine staff were fabulous. Every staff member I encountered demonstrated a caring, professional and knowledge of skills that helped put me to ease. They encouraged questions, offered to have me call them to discuss Bella's recovery and aftercare. I was able to e-mail information, including pictures of her progress for Dr. Howard to review. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Howard and the AZ Equine Staff. Bella is now healing and soon will be back to being 100% and I owe it all to AZ Equine. Excellent surgical skills, aftercare and all around caring attitude was very much appreciated by this owner. I wholeheartedly recommend AZ Equine to anyone needing medical and surgical services for their horses.

Thank you!"

- Donna

"Just wanted to give a major shout out to the Town of Gilbert Fire and Rescue as well as Arizona Equine Hospital in Gilbert. Last night, one of our neighbor's horses became dangerously trapped under a pipe rail fence. Gilbert's Fire department responded, willing to do what ever was necessary to rescue Buster. He was tired, stressed, and dehydrated, thrashing every few minutes trying to free himself, but getting more and more stuck - his hind legs wrapped in two gates on the fencing. Arizona Equine's professionals were amazing - showing up at 3:45 AM, immediately tending to Buster. They were able to sedate him enough so the fire crew could cut the pipe rail fencing and move the section under which he was trapped. Once free, he was able to stand on his own feet! He got scraped up and banged up a bit - but no broken bones or more severe damage. The fence took the worst of it for sure. This is just one of the every day stories that our Police and Fire crews around the state and around the country do everyday, with no fanfare. Next time you run in to one of these heroes, give'em a high five for me!

Thank you for your service,"