Equine Ultrasonography

Ultrasonography is a diagnostic tool in which soft tissues are examined, as opposed to diagnostic radiology, in which bones are examined. Over the last 10-15 years, ultrasonography has played an increasingly large role in equine veterinary medicine. Newer ultrasound machines are extremely powerful and have many features to help today’s equine veterinarian provide accurate diagnoses.

Arizona Equine has kept up with advances in ultrasound technology by continually investing in new machines. We currently have a hospital ultrasound unit that has several different probe capabilities, including 3 MHz, 5 MHz , 7,5 MHz, and 10 MHz. This allows us to image anything from very superficial soft tissue structures like tendons, to deeper organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys, or spleen. This machine also allows us to use Doppler technology to better diagnose some blood flow conditions in the heart.

We also have several portable units that allow us to give a definitive diagnosis of pregnancy, twins, and other reproductive issues. These portable machines may also be used to diagnose tendon problems in the field, although our clinic machine is better for those problems because its resolution is better.

Veterinary Doctor testing a horse
Veterinary Doctor testing a horse